About the ambitions

“The first baby to achieve one of these wins the jackpot!”

Like any great game, there has to be rules. Luckily the Baby Fame Game rules are very easy;

  • The baby entered into the Baby Fame Game must be under the age of five years old.
  • To win, the baby must be the first out of all babies entered to complete one of the ambitions.

To make the game completely fair the Baby Fame Game also has rules around each of the ambitions. Here is a breakdown of how each individual ambition can be completed;

  • Become King or Queen

  • Become a World Leader

  • Walk on Another Planet/Moon

  • Win Gold Medal at the Olympics

  • Win an Oscar

  • Have a number One Solo Album

  • Become a Sports Hero

  • Win a Grammy

  • Win a Nobel Prize

  • Reach the age of 100

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